Our History

The Idea for the development of the Alta Vista Public Library was first discussed by the Commerical Club at their December 1930 meeting. Rev. H.O. Thompson, Rev. A.F. Karsten, Antony Tillman, and Joe Menges were appointed as a committee to investigate the possibility of starting a public library.  The committee's recommendation to proceed with the organization of a public library was adopted February 9, 1931.  The Alta Vista Public Library opened February 11, 1931 in the west room of the Town Hall and the library has been there ever since. The first trustees were Rev. H.O. Thompson, Rev. A.F. Karsten, Joe Menges, Anthony Tillman, and L.B. Mahoney.

The original collection of approximately 300 books was donated by the Commercial Club.  Luella Menges served as the volunteer librarian the first ten years.  Evelyn Reinhart served as her assistant.

In 1940, acting on the recommendation of the library trustees, the Alta Vista Garden Club agreed to assume the supervision of the library.  New Board members were Mrs. Ralph Reinhart, Chairman, Mrs. J.L. Lucken, Mrs. Willis Weers, Mrs. A.C. Sanderson, and Mrs. Joe Menges.  Mrs. Reinhardt served as librarian until 1946.  Subsequent librarians were Mrs. Aletha Alt, Marge Pross, Gladys Kohls, and Mrs. Gus Alt.  After this the library closed for a few years. 

In September of 1966, the library reopened with financial support from the City of Alta Vista and 900 books on its shelves.  The librarian was Mrs. Anthony Wilberding and her assistant was June Short.  Mrs. Franklin Dunn served as librarian from 1967 to 1977. Later, Carole Bullerman and Lucille Johann served as librarians also.  

On Saturday, February 11, 2006 , the Alta Vista Public Library celebrated their 75th anniversary with an open house which included refreshments and  tours given by then Library Director, Eileen Sweeney, and her assistant Suezen Glaser. Library Directors since 2006 have been Maria Popken, Parveen Karim, Jackie Kush, and current Library Director Stacy Campbell.